Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gold Striker is now open

I was fortunate enough to be invited as a media VIP for the Grand Opening/media day event for Gold Striker on Saturday.

I was given a Gold Striker goodie bag filled with a T-shirt, gold bar USB drive and a block of wood with the logo branded on the front. Also was able to nab a Gold Striker towel for being one of the first 9,000 riders!

Thank you CGA for putting on such an incredible grand opening event for Gold Striker. I want to give a huge thanks to CGA's Roger, Ryan, Kristin and the rest of the staff who really went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly and amazing!

After a short ceremony, the ribbon was cut, resulting in fireworks shooting up along the lift hill and other places as the first train of the day made its way through the course.

As we were being led to the station by Ryan, some of the onlookers cheered us on. It was a cool feeling.

One train was set up with the GoPro camera, so we had to wait our turn. The video came out great, and CGA even posted it on their social media websites!

After nine laps during the promo shoot, my brother and I were finally able to ride in the very front. I love being the first into the tunnel and being able to peer down the steep descent.

The infamous soundwalls that likely delayed the ride's opening actually add to the ride experience. Hand choppers are everywhere! Also, it doesn't really seem to dampen the sound much, which I was glad to hear! The only wall that I found annoying was the one coming out of the tunnel. It makes it impossible to get a good photograph of the train while you're standing in Star Tower Plaza.

Gold Striker is an outstanding coaster. You really have to ride it; pictures and text don't do it justice.

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