Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gold Striker first ride impressions

I was chosen to take part in a promotional shoot for Gold Striker. I want to thank CGA for putting on this amazing event, it really shows a commitment to the fans. And it was all free!

The ride is not yet open to the public, but should be very soon.

Gold Striker ... wow. I rode it nine times, and I wanted more. Much more.

This ride will leave you asking two questions: "Is it even worth riding Grizzly anymore?" and "Flight Deck who?"

Yes, Gold Striker is now my new #1, with Flight Deck a very distant second. It never lets up, you will be flying out of your seat, diving into the turns, whipping around this way and that.

A lot has been said about the tunnel. I will admit, I wasn't sold on it when it was first announced. OK, it's not nearly as dark as the park said it would be, but just the mere fact that it is there adds immensely to the experience. It builds anticipation as you ascend the lift hill, and once inside, it's really claustrophobic, in the best way possible.

It can get pretty ear-splitting in there with a loud lift chain (move over Demon, there's a new loudest lift in the park) and screaming people.

Once the train gets going, it doesn't stop, offering the same level of intensity and speed from beginning to end.

Other observations:

- The sound wall isn't very attractive, but who cares.

- You get up close with the Pictorium while in the transfer station. One of the doors was open, and I was able to get a new look inside (lots of chairs!).

- The pre-lift section took me by surprise. Very forceful.

- This ride will be even better once we're able to put our hands up.

- What's with those brushes on each side of the track as the train rolls into the station?

- It's funny hearing the Carnevil ringmaster voice with a twang welcoming you to Gold Striker.

- The Gold Striker "treasure shop" appears to have a long ways to go.

- Overheard: "I thought it was just Grizzly with more wood!"

Thanks again CGA! Looking forward to an amazing 2013 season and beyond!


  1. Quick question for you - I'm on the large side, and can't ride Grizzly. (I assume. I'm lighter than last time I tried, but still don't think it's happening. For comparison, I can just barely fit on Vortex.)

    Is the restraint system on Gold Striker likely to accomodate me, or am I out of luck?

    1. Grizzly's restraints are the most unforgiving in the park. Fortunately, Gold Striker's lap bars have more leeway, and I saw several larger people get on without a problem.

      While I can't say for certain, you should have a much better chance of fitting on Gold Striker than Grizzly. Hope this helps!