Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween Haunt 2012 opening night review

Talk about a busy opening night. Attendance was easily doubled compared to opening night last year, which can only be a good thing for the park. This time, CGA prepared for the lines by setting up a maze of queue ropes for each maze on opening day, and yes, you have to walk through all of them (Beware of the line Nazis!)

Toy Factory's queue was nearly half full by 9 p.m. and Massacre Manor was nearly full. Although, for some reason, Club Blood was nearly empty all night (possibly because it's gotten even harder to find).

Being the first night, there were a lot of glitches. The songs for Cornstalkers, Toy Factory and Dead Man's Cove were off for a while, and I even saw a mechanic fixing some electrical box about halfway through Club Blood.

Also because it was the first night, scare zones were pretty much non-existent, especially Dead Man's Cove. Underworld Alley is still my favorite.

Here are my rankings of the mazes, from best to worst, based on opening night experience. A few shake-ups in my rankings from last year:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Halloween Haunt 2012 full details

The official website for Halloween Haunt 2012 is now live.

New this year is Madame Marie's Massacre Manor, a voodoo-themed maze located in a new building behind the former Invertigo site.

Club Blood will be getting a makeover with Club Blood Revamp'd.

New shows and Fright Lane (front of the line passes) will round out the year.