Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lost Attractions: Triple Play

For those who first visited Great America post-2004, ever wonder what the "queue line to nowhere" next to the season pass processing center used to be?

The ride was Triple Play, manufactured by Huss, which opened with the park in 1976 and removed during the Paramount era at the end of the 2004 season.

Triple Play's yellow gondolas can be seen next to Vortex. This picture was likely taken during one of the ride's last years, since Tidal Wave/Greased Lightning, removed two years before Triple Play's dismantling, is gone.

Triple Play, known as a Troika, featured three arms extending out from a center column. Each arm held seven gondolas, and each could hold two riders. During operation, each arm spun and raised at a 40 degree angle.

The ride was removed in 2004, likely because of age. However, another Triple Play still lives on at Great America's sister park in Illinois.

Today, trees are planted in the hole which once held the center column. The queue line still lives on, sometimes used when the season pass processing center is busy.

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  1. I remember my first time riding this, I absolutely loved it! Nothing was more satisfying than feeling like flying into the Park Operations office windows :)

    I really hope they make use of that spot for a new ride in the future.