Friday, December 30, 2011

Lost Attractions: Skyhawk

Skyhawk made its debut at Great America in 1989. Manufactured by Intamin, this “Flight Trainer” model carried riders approximately 60 feet in the air in “flight cabins.” The cabins were attached to arms, and riders could rotate their cabins manually 360 degrees. Riders could flip themselves upside down nearly the entire ride, or just enjoy the view in an upright position.

Skyhawk's control panel, with queue in the background.
Skyhawk was removed either in 1999 or 2000, and was replaced by the Three Point Challenge game that sits in Celebration Plaza today. The reason for its removal is unclear, although rumors have circulated that the clear canopies on the cabins would frequently fall off mid-ride. Very few Intamin Flight Trainer models exist in theme parks today.

Skyhawk from a 1991 Great America brochure.
Check out a commercial for Skyhawk during its first year (skip to the 8:15 mark):

Pictures and other info for Skyhawk are hard to come by. Share your memories here!


  1. Love the commercial post too. I remember the rumors about skyhawk. If I correctly recall, it was shut down for a while because a person had fallen out. After that, they took off the plexi covers and re-opened it.

  2. The ride experienced always a lot of down time I'm pretty sure it ran from 1989 to 2000

  3. I have the Skyhawk souvenir mug from Great America, still has the 5.95 price tag on the bottom.