Saturday, March 8, 2014

Off season tour and 2014 season details

I attended a back stage tour of CGA on March 1. First off, huge thanks to CGA's Roger, Ryan, Tyler, Clayton and everyone else who made this event possible. We all really appreciated it, and got even more excited for the season to start!

This season won't feature a new ride, but CGA is improving nearly every aspect of the park instead. Cedar Fair continues to invest heavily in the park, and the results are everywhere.

The second floor of Columbia received new flooring.
- Flight Deck's new paint job: After seeing it in person, I'm completely sold on it. After getting overlooked during its 20th season last year (and understandably so, because the park was focused on Gold Striker), CGA decided to give it a new color scheme and make it stand out, mainly because national TV audiences will get a glimpse of it once the 49ers season starts up.

- New food options: With a new food director, CGA is expanding its menu with new food locations and an all-day dining pass.

The shooting gallery in Kidzville will be replaced.

- Peanuts Party Zone: Gone is the Kidzville shooting range, and in its place is a new space to rent out for birthday parties. But don't worry, the characters in the shooting range will show up in a different capacity.

- New shows: #Playlist (an expansion of last year's Pop Fusion), Aerial Ice Extreme. On Broadway will return.

- Coasting For Kids: CGA wants to keep growing this event. This year it's on June 8. For information, visit

- Haunt: New maze, new attraction, and "more monsters than ever before." The new maze will be like nothing else seen before at Haunt, we were told. (And, taking a dig at Zombie High, CGA said it will be finished by opening weekend). Also, expect more unexpected features throughout the park, similar to the flamethrowers last year. One maze will be retired.

- Free Friday Night Flicks will have a larger screen.

Gold Striker's trains have been dismantled and are undergoing work in the coaster shop.
- Many more special events/capital improvements for this season will be announced soon (no, it's not a new ride).

CGA surprised all of us by having Xtreme Skyflyer open for business. I tried it out for the first time, and I wanted to go again!

Roger Ross tells us about the history of the Consulate, a super-exclusive area located above the Trending Now store, and some of the VIPs who have stayed there. A lot of major park decisions have been made in this room.

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