Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cedar Fair will retain ownership of park

Cedar Fair announced today in a press release that they will retain ownership of CGA due to JMA Ventures backing out. Perhaps Cedar Fair has realized the potential of the park, as it was one of their top 4 performing parks of 2011.

Interesting quote from the press release, from Cedar Fair president Matt Ouimet: “California’s Great America was a strong performer in 2011 and we are confident this will continue into the future as we build the park’s customer base through new marketing initiatives and capital investments.”

These "capital investments" are hinted at in an article by the San Jose Mercury: "[Santa Clara Mayor Jamie] Matthews said he's also thrilled to hear that Cedar Fair Entertainment plans to "make major investments" in the park, including a new waterslide attraction and roller coaster. "

Things could be looking up for CGA. Stay tuned.

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