Sunday, March 3, 2013

New additions and improvements for 2013 season

A group of media were invited to a special event Saturday to witness all the new additions and improvements CGA will have for 2013. Among them:

• Three new Haunt mazes, with one being in a new structure and the other two replacing older mazes.
• New show in Action Theater, but what it will be has not been announced. They did say that it won't be a white water rafting movie.
• Kidzville River Adventure will be removed.
• Parking lot is getting a makeover
• Three new shows: Pop Fusion, On Broadway and Team Charlie Brown. Happiness is Snoopy will return.
• Many buildings/rides being repainted
• Different areas will now have their own special music. No more Lady Gaga blasting across all areas.
• Themeing will be huge on Gold Striker.

For pictures, see the reports on Theme Park Review.

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