Sunday, July 29, 2012

Halloween Haunt 2012 details and wooden coaster announcement date

CGA has confirmed that Carnevil, Toy Factory, Cornstalkers, Slaughterhouse, Werewolf's Canyon and Black Widow's Cavern will make a return for Halloween Haunt 2012.

A new, yet-to-be-revealed maze will be set up behind the former Invertigo location. Rumor has it that the maze will be called "Massacre Manor," according to Screamscape.

No word yet on Club Blood's fate, although it seems likely it won't make a return due to the clearing of it's former area for the 2013 wooden coaster.

Speaking of the coaster, Screamscape mentioned that an official announcement will be made around Aug. 29.
Land clearing for new maze behind the former Invertigo site. Via Facebook.

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