Saturday, November 26, 2011

City will approve (or deny) sale to JMA on Dec. 6

The city will decide on Dec. 6 if they will approve the sale to JMA, according to a document from the Santa Clara City Council. Apparently, JMA is looking to modify the lease to make the project "more financeable."

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Global Winter Wonderland and Google Maps

Check out the construction of the Global Winter Wonderland event that will take place Nov. 25-Jan. 2 in CGA's parking lot:

You can also take a virtual walk through the park with Google's Street View.

Surprise! No new rides for 2012

From Screamscape:
2012 - No New Attraction - (11/8/11) Our sources tell us that CGA has confirmed that there will be no new rides for the 2012 season, as the new management will focus on taking control of the park and putting their own house in order.
Looks like we will have another "transition" year, similar to 2007. At the very least, maybe Flight Deck and Drop Tower will be renamed once again.